Monday, March 24, 2008

Well hello there!

Well hello there!

Are you sick and tired of being alone? Do you hate friends that are in happy relationships and make you feel like a thrid wheel? Well here at Mish's profile, we can help you with that. All you need to walk away with this unique beauty is a great sense of humor, be able to communicate on just about any subject, have a bit of a romantic side and well be a good friend. Now let me tell you the features you get with this one of a kind find, any insane cock brotha would love a sexy girl like that. You get a great sense of humor, someone who isn't scared to try new things and even get a bit dirty, a partner to watch hockey games with, a lover of the outdoors, and that good little girl you can take home to mom but also has a naughty side that you don't want to admit you like.

Does this sound good to you? If so, you better jump on this offer before it expires. If you have taken a look but decided not to take a test drive, well good luck to you and remember to keep smiling.

Monday, March 10, 2008

My story...

I teach, listen, share, laugh and have an open heart and mind, both of which are ready to love and be loved without judgement or reservation. The arts, people, animals and nature are all essential components of my healthy life. Swimming, biking, walking and yoga fill me with joy and I'll try almost anything more than once.

I write, direct plays, take photographs, compose hand written (!) letters to friends both in the city and far away. I want to learn the guitar and though I'm told I can't hold a tune I sing like there is a campfire in front of me and this is the last night of summer.

I enjoy exploring new friendships and relationships and keep the friends and family in my life close, planning times where great fun is had in small or large gatherings.

I'm a happy, affectionate, fun-loving woman who loves to laugh, who enjoys both conversation and silence. I'm looking for someone to travel through this journey of joys and challenges together.

I'll join you in a bookstore stroll, at a cafe or a pub, at a movie, for a goofy afternoon, along the beach...

All the best to all of you!